The Coma: Recut Review for PC

For a lot of people school is a source for nightmares and anxiety. That’s no exception for Youngho, a Korean freshman with failing grades. A night of cramming leads him to fall asleep during his exams but when he wakes up something is different. He has awaken in the Coma and he’s not alone. With the help of a mysterious “Ghost Vigilante,” you must guide Youngho through this shadow world and find a way out. This fast paced survival game has you running from your favorite teacher, who now is a knife wielding psychopath controlled by one of the shades. You must fix your grades and get out of this living Hell before your stalker gets you. read more

INK Review for Xbox One

INK is a 2-D platformer by developer Zack Bell Games and publisher Digerati. The goal of each level is to defeat all the enemies in the level and then reach the level’s exit. In each level, the walls and floors start out invisible, but you can make them visible by splashing ink (paint) on them. Your character will spread ink on any surface it touches, when it double jumps, and when it is killed. Luckily, the game shows a measure of mercy by keeping surfaces visible in a level after you die. Which is a good thing because this game is hard. read more

Monster Slayers Update Features New Advanced Classes

Digerati Distribution is pleased to announce that an update for the recently released Monster Slayers, a deck-building roguelike created by developer Nerdook, is now available and adds six new classes to the game: Assassin, Beastmaster, Apothecary, Brute, Monk, and Necromancer. All of the extra classes also come with their own selection of brand new custom cards. read more


A story-driven survival horror game, Uncanny Valley by developer Cowardly Creations centers around a pixelated world, in which you must explore a mysterious facility and uncover its secrets, before your own past catches up with you. read more

ArkShot Heading to Steam May 19

Austin, TX – 5/17/2016 – Digerati is stoked, pumped and slightly afraid to announce the release of a new game on May 19th from rebel developers Code AvariceArkShot. In the wake of the success of their roguelike FPS Paranautical Activity the team have built  something both lean and lithe that combines the fluidity and skill of an arena shooter with the lighthearted fun of a party game. It’s Quake meets Duck Game, Unreal Tournament crossed with Super Smash Bros.– you get the drift. read more