A-Train PC Classic Coming to Steam June 8

Artdink Studio and Degica are proud to introduce A-Train PC Classic for the PC (Windows) platform. The A-Train franchise has long been associated with deep and rewarding gameplay and for its 30th anniversary the developers are happy to bring you a game that takes you back to the source. read more

OneShot Review for PC

The world of 2D pixelated RPGs is a crowded one, primarily thanks to “RPG Maker” and other tools of a similar nature, which allow pretty much anyone with a basic understanding of game development to create their very own titles. The vast majority of these titles go unnoticed by people outside of small forums and blogs, usually because the vast majority of them aren’t very unique, memorable, or good in any way. But every now and then, something special comes along that brings a truly worthwhile experience with it. A little over a year ago, the gaming world saw the release of Undertale, which quickly gained a massive cult following and positive critical reception, becoming the gold standard for this genre. It shouldn’t come as too big a surprise, either. In an age dominated by loud, bombastic AAA releases, gamers seek smaller, more focused, and thoughtful pieces of entertainment as a kind of break from the mainstream. The time couldn’t be more right for the indie RPG. read more