Infinite Crisis 2014 Summer Collection Costumes Now Available

Developer Turbine and Warner Bros. have announced new costumes for the Infinite Crisis 2014 Summer Collection are now available.

Take a look below:

We here at Infinite Crisis present you with the Infinite Crisis 2014 Summer Collection — a costume gallery filled with the best the DC Multiverse has to offer. Three of multiverse’s best and brightest (and in one person’s case, the most insane) are showing off these beautiful summer colors. read more

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Battle Mode Reveal Video

Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady Studios have revealed the Batmobile Battle Mode for Batman: Arkham Knight and released a new trailer for it.

The Batmobile features:

60mm Cannon:

  • Ammunition Type – Kinetic Energy Penetrator
  • Effective Limit – 820mm of steel armor

Vulcan Gun:

  • Ammunition Type – Armor-piercing Incendiary
  • Purpose – Anti-Tank & Surface-to-Air Combat

 Missile Barrage:

  • Warhead Guidance- 2kg Blast Fragmentation & Laser GPS
  • Simultaneous Targeting of up to 6 Hostiles

 Riot Suppressor:

  • Ammunition Type – Non-lethal Slam Rounds
  • Slam Rounds – Medium Velocity Flexible Polymer
  • Immobilize Combatants with Minimum Long-term Trauma

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