CRYENGINE 3.6.6. Released and Available

The CryEngine 3.6.6. has been released and is available to all subscribers.

Here are key notes (you can read the full notes here):

FBX Improvements and Refinements:

One of the most popular additions in 3.6.5 was the FBX Import Dialog, which represents our first step towards true FBX support further down the road. You have sent us a lot of feedback on this first implementation, some of which is reflected in today’s fixes and improvements. As previously said, this is the first part of a larger project that you will see evolve over time with future releases.Audio fixes and improvements

On the Audio side of things, we have adjusted several visual aspects of the ACB, such as new icons, layouts as well as general functionality to make the ACB more powerful and more comfortable to use. Beyond this quality of life improvements, a new AudioAreaAmbience entity will also help to improve working with ambiance audio areas.New Assets

As with previous builds, we have used the release of 3.6.6 to add some more work-in-progress assets to the engine (and as always, you are free to use them in your own projects). These include some new weapon scopes and character attachments, with more to come in the future. read more

CryEngine 3.6.4 Build 2715 Released, Details

Crytek has released the CryEngine 3.6.4 Build 2715 and along with it, the full details.

Here are the full release notes:

  • Fixed data races in the ATLComponents 
  • Fixed Audio-related Release compile errors 
  • Added GetConfigPath method to the AudioSystem interface 
  • Include game folder into the audio config path 
  • Fixed the Audio Config data cleanup 
  • Added the AudioSystem config data update on save event in ACB 
  • (ACB) Basic support for preload controls 
  • (ACB) Moved connections under CAudioControl 
  • (ACB) Preserve correct WwiseState/WwiseSwitch tags when saving 
  • (ACB) Removed XML tags of control types that are not used 
  • (ACB) Minor code cleanup 
  • (ACB) Support for platform groups for the Preload Requests 
  • (ACB) Fixed spamming console with file not found messages 
  • (ACB) Updated preload data format 
  • (ACB) Saves level controls inside level folders 
  • (ACB) Fixed problems with adding folders 
  • (ACB) Filepath being set for new controls 
  • (ACB) Changed order of tabs 
  • Fixed filecache entry unloading and audio config filepath in the ACB. 
  • Changed Preload Request xml layout and parsing to accommodate the related ACB functionality 
  • Introduced the pop-up selector window for audio environments and audio preload requests
  • (Assets) Updated handgear, industrial lamp, lightswitch and panels material and textures. 
  • (Assets) Updated factory_door material and textures. Moved door frame Max content into Door Max file so pivots can be setup easily. Deleted unnecessary frame LODs. Reset scene materials. Deleted unused material and now unused Max file. 
  • (Assets) Airfield assets update. Various material tweaks, texture updates. Deleted DDN’s with DDNA’s.

You can take a look at the official Steam website right here.

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CryEngine Released thru Steam for All Developers

CryEngine, which is Crytek’s development technology, has been made available for all developers.

The subscription plans are as follows:

  • 1 Month @ $9.90/month
  • 3 Months @ $9.00/month
  • 6 Months @ $8.33/month

Take a look at the press release below:

Crytek’s award-winning CRYENGINE software launched exclusively on the Steam Store today, enabling developers everywhere to gain royalty-free access to all of its groundbreaking features on a subscription basis. read more

CryEngine Gets New Demo Video

Crytek has released a new demo video for its next-gen CryEngine.

The new CryEngine enables many new, major features, and the ability to develop on all current-generation platforms as well as Wii U, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. read more