Armored Warfare: Assault Now Available for Mobile Devices

Powered By Unreal Engine 4, Head to Head Tank Combat Has Never Been This Frantic

Mobile games developer Pushkin Games Studio proudly announces today that its fast-paced tank combat shooter Armored Warfare: Assault has rolled out worldwide onto Android and iOS devices. Optimized for mobile platforms, the title places its own frantic twist on the traditional tank shooter genre, emphasizing on explosive front line action and removing the need to wait for another battle. The respawn system ensures that tank treads never cool allowing players to get right back into its frenzied vehicle warfare and engage their enemies head on. read more

ARMORED WARFARE Now Available on PlayStation 4

The Free-To-Play Contemporary Tank Shooter Brings Modern Ground Warfare to the PlayStation 4 – The rest is just History!

The intoxicating sights and sounds of modern tank combat takes to PlayStation 4’s digital battlefield today as, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare announces that its acclaimed tank-action shooter in now available free of charge (no PS+ subscription required) for all PlayStation 4 owners to download and enjoy. read more

ARMORED WARFARE Now Available on PlayStation 4 Early Access

Founder’s Pack owners can now start ahead of the launch with exclusive vehicles and goodies

The time has come to become a mercenary legend in Armored Warfare on PlayStation 4. Publisher invites Founders to be among the first of the armored vanguard to roll out onto the modern battlefields of its Early Access phase which launches today! Armored Warfare allows players to take control of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology in modern ground warfare. Collect and own vehicles from a vast fleet available within the game, including iconic tanks such as the German Leopard, the deadly Russian Terminator and the acclaimed American Abrams. read more

Armored Warfare: Assault Revealed for Mobile Devices’s hit franchise spawns new iOS and Android optimized installment this month

Global publisher and developer Pushkin Game Studio are happy to take players to the modern battlefield on Android and iOS devices with Armored Warfare: Assault. The latest installment in the franchise is a brand-new tank shooter that brings relentless action to mobile players worldwide, later this February. A hurricane mix of skirmishes and large-scale PVP modes in which the mayhem literally never stops. The respawn system allows players to get right back into the frenzied warfare and engage their enemies head on. read more

ARMORED WARFARE Caribbean Crisis Expansion Available Today, New Trailer

The expansion brings new Game Mode “Special Operations”, Grassy Fields PvP map, Night Battles and more, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare,is thrilled to release its new expansion – Caribbean Crisis which adds a new game mode called ‘Special Operations.’ This mode consists of a series challenging PvE missions which connect to an engaging overarching narrative. The first of these challenges will feature three new co-operative missions, set around the Panama Channel. The special operation will introduce a brand-new antagonist and enemy faction to the lore of Armored Warfare. By actively taking part, players will be able to shape the future of the story and lore of the game. read more

ARMORED WARFARE Available Now on Steam’s acclaimed tank shooter launches on Steam with latest updates and recent Art of War expansion

Developed and published by, team-based tank shooter Armored Warfare hits the Steam marketplace today allowing the Steam community to finally experience the critically-acclaimed title on their preferred platform. In it, players take command of modern tanks or armored fighting vehicles and travel to the heart of military hotspots around the globe, where they will compete with rival teams for domination in the PvP and hybrid battle modes. They can alternatively join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command cooperatively. read more

Armored Warfare Latest Expansion Adds Anticipated Progression Vehicles and More

New Expansion Adds Progression Vehicles, Waterway PvP Map and Enhanced Game System, developer and global publisher of Armored Warfare is pleased to announce its latest expansion – Eye of the Storm is now live bringing a wealth of new content to the team-based action MMO. This major update includes five long-awaited new progression vehicles, the new Waterway PvP map and community-requested enhancements to both the ammunition game mechanics and in-game economy. read more

ARMORED WARFARE Real Tank Action Heading to PlayStation 4 Early 2018

Real Free to Play tank action heading to PlayStation with cooperative and competitive game modes, Developer and Global Publisher is thrilled to unveil the future of modern tank shooters by announcing the availability of Armored Warfare for PlayStation®4 for the beginning of next year. The military MMO lets players take control of modern tank or armored fighting vehicles and brings them to the heart of modern battlefields around the world, like frozen cities and sun-scorched islands. Compete with rival teams for domination of these hotspots or join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command. read more

Armored Warfare Announces the Eye of the Storm Expansion

The upcoming expansion will bring new progression vehicles, Waterway PvP map, and game system enhancements, Developer and Global Publisher of Armored Warfare is proud to announce its next expansion – Eye of the Storm. This major update will bring new content including five, long-awaited, new progression vehicles, the new Waterway PvP map, and existing map overhauls to enable them to be played in Global Operations mode. read more

Armored Warfare Ghost Field Map and Changes to Global Operations Now Live

Overhauled version of Ghost Field features new Global Operations version

Developer and global publisher are proud to announce an overhauled PvP and Global Operations version of the Ghost Field map. The new version of the map takes tank commanders back to Bulgaria to battle it out with enemy factions over the remains of the old Bezmer air-base. The overhauled PvP version of the Ghost Field map introduces a number of changes to the terrain itself as well as to the cover and foliage layout. These enhancements were made with the spotting system changes from recent updates to Armored Warfare – Tanks Reloaded in mind and enhance the gameplay experience significantly. read more