Mr Odjo Available Now for Android and Windows Phone

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, BitBox Games announced Mr Odjo is now available for Android and Windows Phone.

Palma de Mallorca, December 3th, 2014. Bitbox Games is proud to announce the release of Mr Odjo, developed by the Spanish indie VIGS studio. The game is available now for Google Play (Android) and Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone), in upcoming weeks, it will be launched in the AppStore (iOS) . read more

Handheld Fantasy Adventure App Narborion Saga Launches on iOS Today

Handheld Fantasy Adventure App Narborion Saga Launches on iOS Today

Epic Fantasy Choose Your Own Adventure Gamebook That Writes Itself Now Available On iOS Today

Budapest, Hungary, December 3rd 2014 – Indie developer Liber Primus Games today announced that its handheld fantasy adventure app, Narborion Saga is available to download for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iTouch following on from its successful launch last month on Amazon Kindle, Android and Google Play. read more

The House on Usher Android Review

This is the review for the Android version of The House on Usher by developer Red Aphid.

In The House of Usher, the player takes on the role of bright-eyed Agent Angie Dee who must “flip” a mysterious ramshackle house during her first day on the job at Homer Echers Real Estate. As Angie, players explore the property, tidy it up, and put themselves on the path to riches . . . as long as they prevent the house’s murderous instincts from prematurely ending their career. Set in the 1970s, the game’s offbeat humor is augmented by many “groovy” pop culture references related to the decade. read more

The Shadow Sun Review for Android

This is the review for the Android version of the single player, role-playing title, The Shadow Sun, by developer Ossian Studios.

Taking place in the vast and cursed city of Shar, The Shadow Sun brings the ultimate western action RPG to Android devices. Surrounded by desolate deserts, players will explore the ancient city held within the grip of a mysterious plague. With more than 10 hours of gameplay, fans will journey through 70 unique areas and uncover 200 different items, ancient treasures, and hidden secrets to help them prepare for combat against deadly enemies across the city. Gamers can customize their character, adopt a faithful dog, and ally with companions who will join you in this epic adventure with multiple quest solving options and more than 30 attacks, spells, and skills to choose from. Rendered in full 3D graphics using the Unity engine, The Shadow Sun offers a deep, single-player role-playing experience unseen in the mobile gaming space. read more