Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China LINGUA FRANCA Update Now Available on Steam

LINGUA FRANCA update live now on Steam as Early Access title FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA prepares for multi-lingual release

Sweden, January 12, 2017 — As Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China gets ready for international release, a decent number of translations are being prepared for implementation courtesy of today’s Lingua Franca update. Soon, air-combat action gamers in Germany, France, Poland, Spain, China, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil, and more countries, can take to the skies in their native language. read more

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China New Update Adds Rocket Match Multiplayer and More

Sweden, October 10, 2016 — Independent air-combat action game developer Ace Maddox is pleased to announce that its latest Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Steam update has gone live. New features include ROCKET MATCH, a fresh multiplayer mode that lets 2-16 players go head-to-head over the Chinese-Mongolian Gobi desert in a variety of fighter-jets, including the American P-80A “Shooting Star” and the Japanese Ki-201 “Fire Dragon” (Me-262a). Check out the narrated YouTube video below for details or skim through the changelog below for a quick overview. read more