TACTICS ELEMENTAL Erotic RPG Exclusively Launched Worldwide by Nutaku

TACTICS ELEMENTAL Erotic RPG Exclusively Launched Worldwide by Nutaku

Game Release Marks the Official Debut of Renowned Artist FredGDArt into the Adult Gaming Industry

MONTREAL – April 06, 2017 – Today, gaming portal Nutaku has officially announced the exclusive launch of erotic RPG Tactics Elemental on Nutaku.net for download. Inspired by iconic mature titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem, the newly launched Tactics Elemental will take you on a sensual adventure within the fantasy realm of “Nowhere,” a world threatened with extinction by a race of enter-planar nightmares!

As you explore the realm of Nowhere, users can take protagonist Sage of Arach Niac and her company of heroes into over 90 possible battle stages featuring numerous erotic side quests. There are over 20 NPCs to take into battle and to pair off into lovers. Take advantage of these enriched scenes while enjoying an album featuring 220 interludes comprised over 500 scenes. All while utilizing the Bond-Enchantment system to gain more power and save the world from extinction!

The release of Tactics Elemental also marks the debut of the renowned artist FredGDArt into the adult gaming industry as a published developer. FredGDArt makes the transition from his well-known online comics Gold Digger to a developer in the adult game space while bringing his unique and recognizable talent and art with him. 

Tactics Elemental is available here: https://www.nutaku.net/games/download/tactics-elemental/

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