SWTOR – Update 2.3 – Titans of Industry


Star Wars: The Old Republic has updated its content with Update 2.3, CZERKA CORPORATION: titans of industry.

Within the update, Republic officials intend to seize Czerka Corporation. Here is what Special Executive Mr. Blys’ official statement has to say:

“My name is Rasmus Blys, and I have the great honor of serving as a Special Executive for the Czerka Corporation: the most dynamic business entity in the entirety of known space. Czerka’s history is a long and storied one; we have centuries of innovation and success to look back on, with entire worlds owing their economic and social development to our valuable insights and generous cooperation. When we consider everything that our corporation has achieved, I think we can all rightly take a great deal of pride in our roles in the Czerka of today.”

“But what exactly is my role? Just what does the “Special Executive” for CZ-198 do all day, anyway?”

You can read more at the SWTOR official site.

Update 2.3 is now live. You can play for free or subscribe for great perks.