SWTOR Developer Update – Smuggler Class Changes

Austin Peckenpaugh, SWTOR’s Senior Designer on The Old Republic, is responsible for class design and combat systems. He describes the latest Rise of the Hutt Cartel changes to the Smuggler class.
Basically, the Smuggler class has Better Dodge, baseline: Dodge now removes all hostile removable effects for any Smuggler, including the Gunslinger. This used to be reserved for Scoundrels only, but the developers have added the ability to Dodge, baseline, so that Gunslingers can also benefit from this effect.


  • Ready for Anything: Now when Gunslingers enter cover, they start building stacks of stealth detection. These stacks climb steadily over 30 seconds and stack up to 30 times. Each stack increases stealth detection by 1 level. This effect ends when you leave cover. We wanted Gunslingers to feel like they really owned an area, especially if they’ve “set up shop” for a while there, so to speak. Stealth characters can still sneak up on Gunslingers when approaching them directly from behind, but now a deeply rooted Gunslinger makes a great lookout, even against unwitting stealth characters.
  • Better Crack Shot: This ability used to only increase the range of blaster attacks, but now all important, relevant abilities have been increased to 35 meters.
  • Better Scrambling Field: Now lasts 20 seconds (up from 15) and no longer requires cover. You can deploy Scrambling FIeld at your current position and move freely after doing so.
  • Hightail It (New ability): This ability makes the Gunslinger roll forward 18 meters, landing in portable cover. While rolling, the Gunslinger cannot be hit, and rolling breaks the Gunslinger out of all movement-impairing effects. 20-second cooldown.

In case you’ve missed it, you can check out our Rise of the Hutt Cartel gameplay video #1.

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