Switch – or Die Trying Review for PC

Switch or Die Trying Review for PC

Switch – or Die Trying, according to its Steam description, “is a 2D puzzle platforming game with a heart-warming narrative, that mixes classic platform mechanics with a nimble ‘switching’ twist.” It is the most recent title from indie Indian developer Threye Interactive and has all the features and charm of an indie game. It features unique characters, which are letters of the alphabet. It is a fun and whimsical, however, it is not without its faults.

Switch - or Die Trying Review for PC

The protagonist is a letter “I” who awakens to find himself alone and has been abandoned by his friends for being too self-centered. Thus, “I” embarks on a quest to reunite with his friends and rekindle their friendship. It is also worth noting that this story does take awhile to really take off.

The gameplay is simple, featuring controls only for a jump, double jump, and switch. The switch transforms a lowercase to a capital “I” and vice versa. Some platforms can only be reached or unlocked by jumping and switching simultaneously, so timing is a crucial element. I highly recommend using an Xbox controller over your keyboard because it can be difficult to time moves given the distance between the keys it uses. In my experience, this game is incredibly demanding. A split second decision can mean the difference between finishing or starting a multi-phase all over again.

Switch - or Die Trying Review for PC

You have unlimited lives, which is nice given the amount of tries you will need to complete a level. You can also skip around levels in case one is frustrating you or you just want to try your skill in a different environment. It can be a little boring to replay the same level over and be unable to pass so this gives the player a nice opportunity to continue on.

Although I did not find any glitches in the game, there were a few issues. The first being a typo in the opening sequence. The main issue I had was that in the beginning there were tiny signs to give you direction in how to complete the levels. It only took a few levels for the signs to disappear entirely, which was frustrating because it is difficult at times to figure out how to even start a level.

All things considered, I found the game to be challenging, but fun. If you are a platform lover you will probably enjoy this game as it builds off of classic mechanics and creates an additional level of difficulty with the switch mechanic. If you are one of those gamers that rages easily, then I might spare your keyboard for a less challenging game.

Overall: 6.5/10

Here is the Switch – or Die Trying Release Trailer:

Switch – Or Die Trying is now available on Steam.