Super Phantom Cat Bounces Past 400,000 Downloads & Lands on Android TV

Super Phantom Cat Bounces Past 400,000 Downloads & Lands on Android TV

Veewo Games is proud to disclose that Super Phantom Cat has been downloaded more than 440,000 times since arriving on iOS and Google Play earlier this year (including premium and F2P). Super Phantom Cat has also been a huge hit with reviewers, receiving very high scores from almost everyone *and* being featured several times by Apple.

In addition, today Veewo Games is unveiling Super Phantom Cat for Android TV devices. Perfectly suited to the high-quality controller packed in with the Nvidia Shield TV, the game plays like a dream and somehow manages to be even more impressive in the living room.

Jason Yeung (CEO, Veewo Games)

“Google’s Android TV platform is a natural for gaming. We are more than happy to contribute with a high-caliber offering such as Super Phantom Cat. If you were impressed with the game’s graphics and sound on your smartphone or tablet screen, you’ll be blown away once you see it running on the biggest screen in the house. The colors alone will take your breath away!”

Watch the Super Phantom Cat trailer:

Super Phantom Cat retails for $1.99 on the App Store — but it’s currently available at the sale price of $0.99 for a limited time. On Google Play, the game is free to play with only two in-app purchases. Super Phantom Cat is also available on Android TV via the official Google Play store (no need to sideload it!) — and like its other Android siblings, it’s free to download and play.

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