Super Mario 3D World Drawing Event on Miiverse Now Live

The Super Mario 3D World Drawing Event on Miiverse that was announced last week is now live.

The following are the guidelines that were just posted on Miiverse by Nintendo:

Hello, everyone. Thank you for waiting. Are you ready to draw a Super Mario 3D World-themed picture? The theme of this event is cat transformations! In your illustrations, I would like you to test your creativity using cat transformations! You can draw Mario and his friends as cats, transform enemies into cats, or anything else that comes to mind from Super Mario 3D World! Just remember that you should only draw cat transformations for characters that appear in the Super Mario 3D World game.

■Guidelines: • Pictures must be drawn using Art Academy: SketchPad, which is available for purchase in Nintendo eShop. • Pictures must feature characters appearing in Super Mario 3D World. • Entries are limited to one original work per person. • Comment on this post to submit your entry. • Drawings will be chosen by Nintendo based on the skill, artistic expression, originality and creativity of the author. • We will choose our favorites from the entries. We may share your drawings outside Miiverse during and after the event. Remember, this is a global event, so please avoid using writing in your work.

■The event will end on May 18, 2014 or when the number of comments reaches 1000, whichever comes first. The development team will review the entries, and our favorites will be announced in this community under the categories of Gold Star, Silver Star and Bronze Star. Depending on what drawings are submitted, we may add more categories! We will take into account not only artistic skills but the originality of your ideas, so don’t be shy about submitting your drawing even if you are not confident in your drawing skills! Note: If you submit a drawing as a comment to this post, you grant to Nintendo the royalty-free right to publish your drawing online and offline.

Take a look at the official Nintendo Twitter announcement below:

Will you be joining the drawing event? Send us your creations and we’ll post them here.

Source: Nintendo