Super Kid Cannon Review



Here is our review of Skyjoy Interactive’s inaugural game, Super Kid Cannon. Super Kid Cannon is an action-packed Vertical-Launcher game that pays homage to games of the past. The story begins with a red panda who wants to rescue his kidnapped sweetheart, Justine, from the evil and quite muscular snow leopard named Khan. With 30 levels increasing in difficulty, Super Kid Cannon is sure to keep players occupied and entertained.

With a high frame-rate and smooth animations, the HD graphics in Super Kid Cannon are sure to impress players. The graphics are bright and colorful, most likely high quality vector art. Even the background of each stage is dynamic, with vines moving and leaves falling down. The designs of the characters and enemies are high quality, each with unique outfits and colors rather than bland or look-a-like features. For a mobile game, you can’t really ask for much more than what Skyjoy has given us. The graphics are a 5 / 5.
From the moment Super Kid Cannon loads on a mobile device, the player will hear 8-bit style music. Each action has its own unique sound, and each character has a unique “voice”. Each time the red panda hits a coin or an item, a special sound just for that coin or item will play. The background music is enjoyable, and matches the theme of the game. Overall, the sound is a 4.5 / 5.

Controls are already limited when a game is on a mobile or tablet platform. However, Skyjoy doesn’t use this as an excuse to create mediocre controls. The only action a player can do is to tap the screen, which will launch the character from a cannon to another cannon. Though this may seem boring without context, this simple control works seamlessly when playing the game, resulting in a fun experience for the player. The controls are a 4.5 / 5.


The genre of this mobile game is a “Vertical-Launcher”, touted by Skyjoy to be the first of its kind. The gameplay is indeed very unique and original. Think of Ice Climber, except instead of jumping your are being shot out of a cannon. Within each level is an almost pinball like environment, where the player can shoot the main character not only to another cannon, but also against different walls or structures in order to get more coins, items, or defeat enemies. The gameplay is very unique, so we are giving it a 5 / 5

Super Kid Cannon is the story of a red panda who wants to rescue his kidnapped sweetheart, Justine, from the evil and well-built snow leopard named Khan. The storyline basically runs parallel to Mario (the red panda) rescuing Peach (Justine) from Bowser (Khan). However, this game’s main focus is not the storyline, but rather the unique “Vertical-Launcher” gameplay. It would be nice, however, if the storyline was a little more complex or detailed. Overall, the storyline is a 3 / 5.

Skyjoy Interactive’s inaugural game Super Kid Cannon is a huge success. With the unique gameplay and excellent graphics, this company based in Miami, Florida is sure to continue on a successful journey of making mobile games. Super Kid Cannon is already available in New Zealand, and will launch in about a month in the United States for the small cost of $0.99. For such a small cost, Super Kid Cannon is sure to be a huge success.
4.5 / 5
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