Super Kid Cannon is Now Live for Mobile

Skyjoy Interactive has announced that free-to-play high flying adventure title, Super Kid Cannon is now live.

Super Kid Cannon is Now Live for Mobile


Here is what the developer had to say about Super Kid Cannon,

Blast off into a high-flying adventure! Super Kid Cannon, Skyjoy’s inaugural game, features a red panda on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sweetheart, Justine, from the evil clutches of the beefy snow leopard, Khan. Inspired by classics like Mario and Donkey Kong, Super Kid Cannon seeks to launch itself above the competition, literally! This dazzling action-packed Vertical-Launcher (the first of its kind) takes players along for an incredible, fast-paced ride through 30 ever-expanding levels in 5 diverse worlds. While the game can easily be played by everyone, it incorporates extra challenges designed to satisfy both casual and hardcore gamers.

You can now download Super Kid Cannon on iOS, Android and Kindle and you can also take a look at our Super Kid Cannon review here.

Let us know what you think of the game.

Source: Skyjoy Interactive