Super Dungeon Tactics Reveals its Valiant Heroes

Super Dungeon Tactics Reveals its Valiant Heroes

Developer Underbite Games has detailed the first four playable heroes of their upcoming fantasy tactical RPG, Super Dungeon Tactics, coming to Mac and Windows PC later this summer.

Whether you are partial to a bladed weapon, bow, or arcane magic, Super Dungeon Tactics features an eclectic cast of classic RPG heroes, armed with specialized weapons, stats and abilities. The first four heroes include theHearthsworn Fighter, Ember Mage, Glimmerdusk Ranger and Questing Knight.

The Hearthsworn Fighter brings to battle a fearsome presence thanks to his mighty axe and crossbow. With a wide swing of his axe, or forceful crossbow bolt, he’s able to move the party forward by clearing enemy units.

With magic as fierce as her soul, the Ember Mage can cast powerful ranged attacks from afar. Depending on the foe, she can do area attacks or concentrated fireballs for larger enemies.

The Glimmerdusk Ranger is adept in long-range combat after years of patrolling the edges of the Fae Wood with longbow in hand. She can either attack with a flurry of shots to take out multiple targets, or engage in support to keep her team at an advantage in battle.

Gifted with an unequaled mastery of bladed weapons, the Questing Knightcan dispatch multiple enemies at a time with a swing of his lance. As he grows in power, he’s able to better inspire those around him and absorb more damage in combat.

Check out the new Super Dungeon Tactics valiant heroes screens:

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Super Dungeon Tactics will be shown at Gen Con 2016 and is slated to release later on this Summer.

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