Super Comboman Gets Major Version 1.1 Update Don’t Mash Edition

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, developer Interabang Entertainment announced the major Version 1.1 Update ‘Don’t Mash Edition’ for Super Comboman.

Super Comboman Gets Major Version 1.1 Update Don't Mash Edition


Super Comboman is a modern platforming/fighting game in a gorgeous 2D hand drawn sticker world! Super Comboman takes skill and patience in order to figure out how to survive swarms of enemy workers. Bust mad combos across 16 action-packed levels as Struggles, the comic book nerd with a sick arsenal of flashy moves who is obsessed with his favorite super hero, SUPER COMBOMAN. Action fans, fighting fans, and air combo fans…this one’s for you.


The Super Comboman Team originally constisted of four friends who were accepted in the Gamespy Indie Open house. The team of college buddies packed thier bags and moved up to San Franciso in order to finish their game. The game was developed for the love of twitch combat and fighting games that require skill and persistence to conquer. The team eventually teamed up with Adult Swim Games to fininalize the game and release it on Steam and have just released a major update after listening to the community.


  • Fatty Mullet Nuggets.
  • Custom physics based combos.
  • Upgradable traditional fighting game moves.
  • Upgradable perks that are earned during combo strings.
  • 16 levels to master.
  • Training room to hone your combo skills.
  • Create combos throughout entire stages.
  • Hidden collectible stickers.
  • Soundtrack and artbook included.
  • Talking fanny pack.

Version 1.1 Don’t Mash Edition Highlights:

  • $9.99 price for Super Comboman starting Monday, November 17th to celebrate the new   version. (1/3 off the new $14.99 price)
  • Training Room – Players can fine tune their combos and updated arcade stick support.
  • Combo Mode – Small speed run style levels where you must keep your combo throughout the level.
  • Enemy and ability upgrades and adjustments.
  • Extra nuggets for our “hero” Struggles.
  • New stickers for the collectible sticker book.
  • Bonus 48+ page PDF art book
  • Full original soundtrack bundled in with the game at a slightly higher price.
  • Full Cloud Save, Steam Trading Card and Achievement implementation.

Take a look at the new screenshots below:


And, take a look at the Super Comboman trailer:

You can now get Super Comboman on Steam and at the Humble Store.

Source: Press Release