Sunset Achievements, Performance & Bugs Update

Developer Tale of Tales has announced that there is a new update for first person exploration game, Sunset on Steam.

Sunset Achievements, Performance & Bugs Update

Here are the update notes:

“Improving the performance of Sunset will be an ongoing process. We appreciate your feedback to help make this game run as well as it can. The current update is a first step in that process with more to follow, in part in response to your feedback pertaining how the game runs on your particular hardware.

Next to a few minor improvements, we have added a number of advanced display options that should help you fine-tune the game for your computer. To access these, go the the options screen (keyhole button on the elevator panel) and switch the “ADVANCED” toggle next to “DISPLAY” in the bottom right. The 8 new buttons are all on by default. Please disable features and check the impact on performance on your computer. The slider underneath is a factor relative to the quality level you’ve chosen in the non-advanced display options.

Those of you who have been (and still are) experiencing crashes in the period from September to November in the story are advised to disable Cloth Physics. This is a minor visual enhancement that only applies to Angela’s mini-skirt but it is notoriously unreliable on some computers.

Please let us know which settings have the biggest impact on performance. And include the specifications of your computer (CPU, GPU, RAM).

The achievements that have been reported as unachievable should now all be unlockable. Apologies for the inconvenience. But thank you for reporting the errors to us!

We have also added some precautions to help prevent losing control of the elevator and losing the ability to interact with objects in the apartment. However, we don’t consider this bug fixed yet. So if you would run into this problem again, please let us know as many details of the context as possible. We really want to fix this one, but haven’t figured out how to reproduce it yet.

It should now also be possible to play the game with a gamepad from the very start.”

You can now download Sunset on Steam for $17.99 and save 10%.

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Source: Steam