Summoners War 2017 World Arena Championship Impressions

Summoners War 2017 World Arena Championship Impressions

On Saturday, November 25th, I attended the Summoners War World Arena Championship on behalf of Gaming Cypher.  B/HI, an entertainment event corporation, held the Summoners War World Arena Championship at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.  The event was open to the public, free of charge to those who went online to sign up for the event.  From beginning to end, the event was well-organized, environmentally friendly, vegetarian friendly, and visually outstanding.

The event began at 9am for the public at designated sign-in desks.  At the sign-in desks, the public’s online registration was first verified and once verified, each person was given an entry bracelet along with several small cards to be exchanged for a free lunch, a free Summoners War T-shirt and bag, and cards to participate in several fun events once inside.  Security was first-rate, allowing everyone to feel safe while enjoying the day’s festivities.

Once inside the Microsoft Theatre, event-goers were treated to four floors of activities, giant-size replicas of Summoners War characters for photo ops, and the main theater to watch the 16 best Summoners War players from around the world compete for $50,000 in total cash prizes.  Event-goers who brought a device with the game installed weren’t just limited to watching the 16 best players compete but were also treated to the opportunity to play special events in the game (raid bosses) and to try for the opportunity to win free crystal tokens.  I comment on the environmental and vegetarian friendliness of the event because it was a refreshing change from other such events that I have attended where event-goers are given plastic bags with a pile of paper fliers that both inevitably get thrown away and where there are few/no choices for those with dietary restrictions.

At this event, small cards were given to event-goers that had to be exchanged in order to obtain the free items or to play the free activities and the free lunch offered to event-goers offered both meat and vegetarian sandwiches along with soda pop or water.  I was so impressed with the thought that went into such planning.  In the main theatre, there was ample room for all event-goers to sit and to watch the championship, either up close or on wide-screens.  Everyone was allowed to be comfortably seated and to be able to view the championship without any visual restrictions.

Here are the top placements in the tournament:

1st – Tomato (Shanghai)
2nd – PSY! (United States)
3rd – ShallotX (Taipei) & Chuffles (United States)

Summoners War is the flagship mobile action-RPG developed by Com2us. Launched globally in 2014, the game has ranked #1 grossing in RPG games in 98 countries (App Store) and in 95 countries (Google Play). Summoners War features over 1,000 unique characters and provides a premium mobile RPG experience gamers are able to enjoy anytime and anywhere.

To watch the tournament in its entirety, please visit

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