Summoners Fantasy Now Available Exclusively for iOS Devices

Summoners Fantasy Now Available Exclusively for iOS Devices

Developer Darknights announced that their new free-to-play tactical TCG, Summoners Fantasy, is now available on the App Store.

Summoners Fantasy features four different game modes:

  • NORMAL: Players place cards and duel for ownership of the battlefield
  • VEIL: The strength values of cards on the battlefield are hidden — and the only way to discover their power is to place a card next to them and hope your card is strong enough
  • ELEMENTS: The battlefield is enhanced with elemental effects that your cards can use to buff (or debuff) themselves
  • ENGAGED: Cards automatically attack any adjacent cards — which can trigger devastating chain reactions across the grid.

(Each mode requires a special approach to victory — and a single misplaced card can quickly spell defeat …)

Summoners Fantasy Now Available Exclusively for iOS Devices



Lin Xu (CEO & Game Designer, Darknights):

“As you can tell by our company name, we’re huge comic book fans. Summoners Fantasy is our first title, and it represents the fulfillment of an old dream: to bring comic book-style action to TCGs. We can’t wait to see players in the Western market experience the intricate gameplay mechanics and PvP battles.”

Pan Qi (Overseas Marketing Director, Icesimba):

Summoners Fantasy is a fascinating tactical TCG, and we are incredibly pleased to be able to help bring it from China to the U.S. The game may appear simple at first — but the more you play it, the more you begin to understand how deep the rabbit hole goes gameplay-wise. Card game and strategy fans are in for a surprise with this one!”

Watch the official Summoners Fantasy trailer:

Summoners Fantasy is now available for free on the App Store. Players can buy Gems through in-app purchases that can be used for in-game items and cards.

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