Summer Camp at Game Camp Nation Changed My Life

Summer Camp at Game Camp Nation Changed My Life

DUBLIN, Ohio — A story of how a 12-year-old honed his passion for video games turning it into a career.

Game Camp Nation was a great experience for me, and one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood. I spent some time as both a camper and a counselor, and the experiences were special. Back when I was first involved with Game Camp Nation, it was an amazing experience to learn some of the code logic behind game creation and computer programming in general.

Currently I’m a junior at The University of Alabama, and Game Camp is part of what pushed me to my selected studies. My past experiences at camp led me to take a few programming courses early on, which I really fell for. I learned valuable STEM skills during my summers at Game Camp Nation. I’m now a Computer Science and Mathematics double major, and I typically write code every day. Every keystroke brings me back to some of the first programs I was writing that first magical summer at camp; and at its core, the programming I learned years ago at camp is more or less the same type of logical connectives that I use today.

Additionally, my work experience with the camp opened other doors. I was able to work my way up as a mathematics tutor, and then as an undergraduate research assistant doing things like writing simulation software in relatively obscure programming languages. This summer, I have an internship in web development, and an eventual career in software development. It’s amazing that a couple of weeks each summer over several summers changed my life so much. Learning from the staff at Game Camp Nation steered my hobby with video games into a promising career.

It makes me happy to know that Game Camp Nation ( will give other kids the opportunity to discover their life’s passion.”

The camp runs all year offering both day camps as well as overnight camps for those interested in gaming, video game creation, 3D modeling, sound engineering, and technology for ages 7-17. Game Camp Nation offers locations in: Boston, MA; East Rutherford Meadowlands, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Fairfax, VA; Dublin, OH; and Atlanta, GA.