Substance Painter Now Available on Steam

Developer Allegorithmic has announced that its super innovative 3D painting title, Substance Painter, is now available on Steam.

Below is a game description for Substance Painter:

Contribute to the development of this super innovative 3D painting application dedicated to game development! Experience for the first time partilcle-based brushes and multi-channel painting.You’ll find below the list of features already implemented and the roadmap for the coming months. A free trial version is available on Allegorithmic’s Website as well. Oh, and by he way, there is a bunch of achievements to unlock in Substance Painter Beta.

About the Software

Substance Painter is a brand new 3D Painting app featuring never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for modern games easier than ever.

At Allegorithmic, we have a long history of working very closely with our customers, from the small independents to the largest AAA studios. Today we want you to help us design the ultimate painting tool and bring innovation and state of the art technology to every artist out there at a fair price.

This Beta version will give you access to the non commercial license once it is released. As with our other tools, the non-commercial license allows you to create and sell assets on the Workshop for any Steam game.



You can download Substance Painter now on Steam for $74.99 (50% discount).

Source: Steam