Stormworm at PAX Prime, Screenshots and Trailer

Gaming Cypher stopped by the mobile title Stormworm booth at PAX Prime to meet developer Studio Stormworm.

Stormworm at PAX Prime, Screenshots and Trailer

Stormwater is a game that revamps a retro classic Snake and adds a heap of features that will blow your mind. Stormworm is a fun, casual, skill based game, based on the classic with graphical juice turned up to 11!
Stormworm is easy to pick up and play, collect the good things and don’t touch the bad! Much like the original Snake with awesome new mechanics and features. Play as the Stormworm and collect things to grow longer, while avoiding your body and other hazards. The game is played on a sphere that can also grow larger and smaller and even flip inside out!

  • Played on a sphere!
  • Lots of Powerups!
  • Different Game Modes!

Stormworm, the rendition of a spiritual successor to the retro game, Snake is the developer’s first commercial game. They are planning to release the game on both Android and Apple products! September 2014.

“We set out to make a game that was fun, expanding on a concept that we knew people already enjoyed and overload it with awesome stuff. We really wanted crank up the juice and I think its at a level that we’re happy with.” stated David Clouton, developer.

Here are some screenshots:


And, take a look at the Stormworm trailer below:

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Source: Press Release