Storm Isle Productions Launches New Kickstarter Campaign & Needs Feedback

Following the success of being greenlit on Steam, Storm Isle Productions is once again asking the faithful fans of Netstorm: Islands at War for help on their spiritual successor Disciples of the Storm.

Storm Isle Productions Launches New Kickstarter Campaign & Needs Feedback

After a year of regrouping and a solid focus on producing new content for DOTS, from unit models and new building designs, Storm Isle Productions is pleased to announce their re-launch on Kickstarter with the hopes that their new following from the Netstorm community and the greenlight on Steam will help push them forward to a successful Kickstarter.

During the Kickstarter, their developers will be releasing glimpses of new content that the team has been working on behind the scenes for the Kickstarter. Disciples of the Storm’s newly launched Kickstarter can be found here. This Kickstarter will launch Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015.

What is Disciples of the Storm?

Disciples Of The Storm is a fast past RTS that sets players against each other in a bitter fight to the death in a kill or be killed fantasy world.  Players will gain territory of shattered, floating islands as they seek to capture and slay the enemy tribe’s high priest while advancing their tribe toward their goal of total domination in an attempt to appease their god.

Construct temples along with attack and defense units from workshops, deploy a lattice of bridges linking the floating islands to gain more ground and resources forming the lifeblood of a player’s expanding empire of islands.

Storm Isle Productions is an indie dev team from the East Coast with a solid group of talent. Talent such as the art directors from the original Netstorm: Islands at War, Morgan Ogburn and Beverly Garland (Beverly also worked on the Ultima series). They also brought in head coder, Nathan Fabian, formerly of inXile Entertainment who worked on Torment: Tides of Numenera and a dedicated art team from Polywick Studios behind the animation and effect. NetStorm co-creator and founder of Kongregate, Jim Greer is also along for the ride.

Source: Press Release