Steam – In-Home Streaming FAQ

Valve just published the FAQ’s for Steam’s in-home streaming.

The streaming feature, currently in Beta, will allow the streaming of games between computers in the home, including those linked to the TV.

You can view the FAQ’s below:

Q: Is this like other game streaming services I’ve heard about?
A: No, you are in complete control over the hardware on both ends and the network between them. There is no data center, no subscription, and it’s completely free!

Q: Will this be fast enough for me to enjoy my favorite game?
A: This depends on your hardware, networking configuration and how fast you want it to be. It’s free, so try it out and see!

Q: Can I use this to stream games across the Internet?
A: The feature is optimized for home streaming and Internet streaming is currently not supported.

Q: Can someone use my computer while I’m streaming a game from it?
A: No, your computer is dedicated to running the game and input is coming from both the remote client and the local system. It would be very confusing if someone were trying to use the computer at the same time.

Q: How do I get selected to participate in the beta?
A: We will be randomly selecting beta test participants from community members who have joined the Steam In-Home Streaming group

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