StarDrive 2 PC Review

This is the review for the PC version of StarDrive 2 by Zero Sum Games and Iceberg Interactive.

StarDrive 2 is a turn-based 4X strategy game that builds on the premise of the popular original game, StarDrive, with the goal of building an empire to span the stars. Players will explore a vibrant galaxy filled with danger and intrigue in a deep turn-based strategy layer. Fans will design custom spaceships and deploy them into real-time battles with spectacular graphics and effects, and they’ll hire heroes to conquer alien civilizations in turn-based tactical ground-combat mode.

StarDrive 2 PC Review

StarDrive 2 graphics are fine and pleasing to the eye. The color scheme fits with the campaigns and gameplay.  We gave the graphics a 4 / 5.

StarDrive 2 contains a specialized soundtrack. No complaints there. We gave the sound a 5 / 5.

StarDrive 2 PC Review


StarDrive 2 allows the player a choice of nine different races, each presenting its pros and cons. The huge array of choices might overwhelm the new player at first, but once you pick a race and campaign (such as a peaceful campaign), the next time, you’ll want to try out a more aggressive campaign. Prepare to take a bit of time at the beginning of the game selecting your choices. In addition, we appreciated the vast tutorial as it explained the steps needed to begin the campaign and play a very fun game. We also enjoyed being able to customize our own ships.  For those of you who aren’t feeling that creative, the game allows for in-game ships, so just choose those. If there was one thing that we wanted to see an improvement on, it’s the combat system. We tended to mainly use the auto feature in combat situation. We gave the gameplay a 4 / 5.

StarDrive 2 features a good variety of controls. Once you go through the tutorial, you’ll understand which controls to use and when. Just give it a bit of practice and they’ll become intuitive in no time. We gave the controls a 5 / 5.

Overall, StarDrive 2 is fun and massive. The game will keep you busy for hours and hours, each time returning to select different campaigns, races and customizations. We recommend a BUY.


4 / 5

And here is the launch trailer:

StarDrive 2 is available now on Steam in two versions, the Classic Version for $29.99, and the special Digital Deluxe version for $34.99, incorporating a Digital Artbook, Paint Job Pack, Design Journal and a specially created Soundtrack.

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