StarDrive 2 New Content Details and Sale

Haarlem, The Netherlands –  May 15, 2015 – As promised by developer Zero Sum Games, a steady stream of updates has been appearing for its 4X turn-based strategy game StarDrive 2. The new update, called Imperial Might, adds a good chunk of new content as well as several tweaks and fixes. The update features more than 1,500 newly added ship designs, new race customization options and a new Titan quest. In addition to the new content for StarDrive 2, Iceberg Interactive is having a huge sale on Steam this weekend featuring a 17% discount for StarDrive 2.

StarDrive 2 is continuously evolving and we will continue to add new features and content for a long time to come,” says Dan DiCicco of Zero Sum Games. “Today’s free update is proof of our continuing commitment to make StarDrive 2 the ultimate 4X strategy experience.”

Official Update (v1.1) Imperial Might notes:

  • ADDED: More than 1,500 bad-a** ship designs to the AI’s arsenal
  • UPGRADED: The AI routines responsible for building fleets have been upgraded to provide a more substantial challenge heading into the late game. Experienced players may very well find themselves out-gunned!
  • ADDED: New race customization options!
  • ADDED: A number of new technologies and ship modules that will be available through a new in-game event
  • ADDED: Broadside weapon mounts for various weapons
  • FIXED:  Several bugs
StarDrive 2 New Content Details and Sale
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StarDrive 2 is available on Steam and various other digital download portals. Gamers interested in purchasing the boxed version (with a cool free dog tag and free shipping), can buy the game on the Iceberg Interactive’s Webshop.

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