StarCrawlers Heading To PAX Prime, Trailer and Screenshots

Juggernaut Games has announced that its dungeon crawler, single player RPG, StarCrawler will be at PAX Prime 2014.

Game Description:

Run a crew of talented fixers taking shady jobs on the fringes of space where your choices dynamically change the way you explore the environment, fight your foes, resolve encounters, and how your story ultimately unfolds.


StarCrawlers was born from a love of the old-school games we grew up with and a long-held desire to work on our own game. After 3 years, we finally have that opportunity and we’re enjoying every minute.


  • Sountrack by Ben Prunty
  • Classic first person dungeon crawling exploration
  • Procedurally generated dungeons with random encounters, traps, and enemies
  • Deep character customization with abilities that can be modded and changed
  • Randomly generated and upgradeable loot
  • PC, Mac, and Linux support

 Take a look at the screenshots below:


And, take a look at the StarCrawlers trailer:

If you’re heading to PAX Prime, you’ll be able to check out StarCrawlers in Booth #681.  Also, take a look at the game’s Steam Green Light page right here.

Gaming Cypher will be at PAX Prime 2014 and we’ll be bringing you all the news.

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Source: Official Website