StarCraft 2 World Championship Series Future Dates Released

The StarCraft 2 2013 World Championship Series started last week in South Korea, and Blizzard decided to change things around a bit.

They said, “For this inaugural season of WCS America and WCS Europe, 24 players will be invited to compete in each region based on their performance in past StarCraft 2 tournaments. In addition, a round of special qualifiers will be held to determine 8 players who will join the invited 24 – with more details soon. Once all 32 players are locked in, play will commence and run for a few weeks.”

Here is how it works – the best eight players in each region will compete in their region’s finals, and once all three regional finals have concluded, the top performers from each region will head to the global Season Finals.

Then, the top six players from the host region will be joined by the top five players from each of the two other regions.

The full dates for the first season’s events are as follows:

  • April 4: Korea – League play begins
  • April 14: Europe – Special qualifiers begin
  • April 20: America – Special qualifiers begin
  • April 23: Europe – League play begins (round of 32)
  • April 28: America – League play begins (round of 32)
  • May 14: Korea – Regional league finals begin (round of 8)
  • May 25: Europe – Regional league finals begin (round of 8)
  • May 31: America – Regional league finals begin (round of 8)
  • Will you be competing or following the competition?