StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Interview Video

Blizzard’s Senior Vice President of story and franchise development, Chris Metzen, chatted with the contributing editor of PC Gamer in the latest interview video (see below). He says that ““Heart of the Swarm is definitely the dark, Empire Strikes Back middle chapter.”

He added: “So for this chapter, it is kind of a dark middle chapter. The third one is fairly dark, too. There’s a 300 component to the third one where the mighty rise, and start pushing back against the shadow. In this middle chapter it’s a little more morally ambiguous. It’s definitely focused on, at its heart, the innate identity that Sarah holds. What does she think of herself? Has she always just reacted to people’s manipulation of her? Has she ever had a strong core in there? In many ways this is the story of her finding that core, and choosing the vector of her life, and choosing what she will become; ultimately what she wants to be in the universe.”

Have you been enjoying playing this dark chapter? Let us know your thoughts.