STARBLAST Multiplayer Online Arcade Shmup Heading to Steam Nov. 8

STARBLAST Multiplayer Online Arcade Shmup Heading to Steam Nov. 8

Arcade shmup, massively multiplayer online, taken to a whole new level

Molsheim (FR), september 27, 2017 — Indie studio Neuronality announces Starblast, an arcade space shooter, massively multiplayer online, set to be released on Steam on November 8. Starblast combines fast paced multiplayer action, compelling 2.5D top-down gameplay, outstanding physics engine allowing you to truly feel the handling of your spaceship. High fun factor guaranteed! Take control of your spaceship, fight against other players (10,40 or 60 depending on the mode ; up to 300 during special events), destroy asteroids, collect gems and use them to upgrade your ship, buy weapons or upgrade your space station (team mode). Starblast offers four different game modes: survival, teams, deathmatch and a 4th mode which will be unveiled on release day.

Game modes

  • Survival mode: Mine, upgrade your ship, steal gems, fight and be the last survivor.
  • Team mode: 3 teams, each team has a base space station. Mine crystals and bring them back to the base station to upgrade it. Rob crystals from enemy teams by attacking their base station or attacking their mining missions. Destroy enemies and their space stations to win. You can play different roles for your team: defend your station, go mining, escort large but slow mining ships, attack other team’s missions or assault their stations.
  • Deathmatch: pick one of two ships for the round, kill your targets, be the first to earn 12 points to win the round ; you will be ranked in the Pro Deathmatch Championship
  • An awesome new mode will be unveiled on release day

Check Out the Starblast Trailer:

Starblast will launch for PC on Steam November 8, 2017.