Star Wars: The Old Republic – Update 2.2 ‘Operation Nightmare’

Star Wars: The Old Republic has devoted an entire page for its upcoming Update 2.2 ‘Operation Nightmare.’

The update will bring two level-55 ultimate challenges.

NIGHTMARE MODE OPERATION: TERROR FROM BEYOND(Releases with Game Update 2.2) The fight to seize control of the Gree Hypergate will leave you gasping for breath as you battle the five main bosses, now amped up to challenge even the most skilled group of players! Conquer these nightmarish enemies for a chance to earn a brand new set of Kell Dragon gear, the most powerful PvE gear available, as well as an exclusive “Helix Hyperpod” Vehicle!

NIGHTMARE MODE OPERATION: LEGIONS OF SCUM AND VILLAINY(Releases with Game Update 2.2.2) Defeating the Hutt Cartel’s ruthless mercenaries and beasts will require more coordination than ever before. Put your endurance to the ultimate test in this nightmarish battle. Rewards include a new “Titan 6 Containment Mode” Vehicle and the elite Kell Dragon gear set!

DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS ARE BACKEarn Double XP and Legacy XP during the following weekends in June and July: June 21, 2013 to June 24, 2013 June 28, 2013 to July 1, 2013 July 4, 2013 to July 8, 2013

The release date for Update 2.2 will be announced soon, although it’s rumored to be June 11. You can view the SWTOR Operation Nightmare page here.

Are you looking forward to playing the new challenges?