Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds New Tactical Flashpoint

Star Wars: The Old Republic has added a new tactical flashpoint with its Update 2.6 for players level 15 and above, titled ‘Kuat Drive Yards.’

SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards


The difference between a regular flashpoint and a tactical one is that it’s role neutral, meaning that it’s balanced for a combination of any four classes. Queue wait times a lot shorter as well, especially for DPS classes, which is welcome news.

“Completing objectives in the Flashpoint will you earn you Reputation with Imperial Forward Command or the Republic First Fleet, along with achievements, titles, and other exclusive rewards, such as the KDY Shipwright armor and the highly-unusual KDY Orbital Lifter mount.”

You can read up more on the new SWTOR Kuat Drive Yards flashpoint on the official website.

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