Star Wars Identities Exhibit Blends Fascinating Science with Fiction, Trailer

This morning, the Ottawa officials at the Canadian Space and Aviation Museum opened up its new Star Wars Identities exhibit.

Specifically, ‘More than 200 props, models, original pieces of art and storyboards made for the movies, costumes and other Star Wars paraphernalia have been laid out in a 11,000-square-foot warehouse. Visitors are encouraged to weave their way through the displays, some of which contain life-size puppets of Yoda and Chewbacca, among other characters, while learning about how various components of everyday life affect a person’s identity.’

‘The real magic in the show is how experts — more than 350 worked to create various components of Identities — leveraged science fiction to teach a lesson about science fact. Experts in fields such as neuropsychology, genetics, health sciences and psychology all chipped in to create programming. The programming is shown to visitors through a series of documentaries explaining the science behind the role a parent plays in development and how friends could influence a person’s life choices.’

You can watch the amazing exhibit below:

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