Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes the Road Ahead Detailed

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes the Road Ahead Detailed

It’s an exciting time to be playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! 

This month, Ewoks are taking over the Cantina with the introduction of Wicket, Logray, and Paploo to the game, as well as special Ewok Marquee events, Double Drops, and more.

Players can also prepare for the first event in a new series that will allow them to retrace the steps of the iconic hero LUKE SKYWALKER from his humble beginnings on Tatooine through his daring escape from the Galactic Empire’s ultimate weapon.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will also be introducing an exciting new mode, Territory Battles. Players and their Guilds can bring the strength of their entire collections, including characters and ships, to the front line in this strategic battle on the ice planet of Hoth.

Head over to our Road Ahead blog to get all the details on these exciting updates coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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