Star Trek – Development Extended to Sync with ‘Into Darkness’

Star Trek: The Digital Game has prolonged its development to coincide with its movie counterpart ‘Into Darkness’.

At the GDC, Paramount Senior VP, Brian Miller, said about Star Trek’s prolonged development time: “Most movie games that we’ve ever worked on, and I would say most people ever work on, you’re lucky to get twelve months. You’re in the middle of production on a movie, you’re trying to hit a target date of when the movie comes out, all the assets aren’t in there, so you wind up having to rush things through.”

Miller added: “This game was going to come out at a different time. We didn’t know when the next movie was going to be, we didn’t know if it was going to be holiday, we didn’t know if it was going to be summer, and we were just striving for it to make a game. Then when they all started lining up, it was like ‘Okay, the movie is going to be here, let’s give ourselves a little more development time to make sure they line up and come together.'”

Are you looking forward to the game release, even though it’s been extended for probably another year?