Star Citizen Constellation Trailer

Developer Roberts Space Industries (RSI) has released a new constellation trailer for Chris Roberts’ space simulation title Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Constellation Trailer

Star Citizen takes you further than any other online game with an unparalleled level of immersion. Step out of the pilot’s seat for the first time: traverse your cockpit, explore planets and cities and even engage in first person boarding actions to take over other ships, bases and orbital platforms. Play with your friends on your wing, watching your back or manning turrets on your ship all in a massive universe that evolves with players instead of against them.

At the same time, Squadron 42 will allow players to experience a single-player campaign in the grand tradition of Chris Roberts’ Wing Commander. Progress through a pulse-pounding narrative whose outcome depends on your decisions and skills as a pilot. A branching storyline means you’re never playing the same game twice. Optional drop-in multiplayer allows friends to join as wingmen during the story!

Here are some screenshots:


And here is the new Star Citizen constellation trailer:

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