SQUIDS Odyssey New Screenshots and Trailer Released

Developer Game Bakers has released several new screenshots and a video for its RPG, SQUIDS Odyssey.

Here is what the developer had to say in a press release about SQUIDS Odyssey:

In this tactical RPG, the heroes’ squishy bodies become their best weapons: simply stretch a Squid’s tentacles, then let go to fling it across the battlefield. Choose among 15 Squids in four classes, each with unique abilities and attacks, to build the perfect party. Then lead your team into turn-based battles against corrupted crustaceans using the party’s strengths, the environment, and enemies’ weaknesses to devise strategic attacks. The game’s captivating adventure storyline and 90+ missions promise at least 15 hours of gameplay, while 65+ stat-boosting helmets provide numerous ways to customize.

…”We originally conceived SQUIDS with classic Nintendo games in mind. It’s an RPG with a colorful world, a fun story, and simple controls, but lots of gameplay depth like in the Zelda games,” says Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers’ creative director. “We’re thrilled that Nintendo has supported our dream of bringing our Squids to their hardware and can’t wait for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS players to dive in with these brave heroes.”

You can view the new SQUIDS Odyssey screenshots below:

You can view the new SQUIDS Odyssey trailer below:

SQUIDS Odyssey is scheduled to release in the 3DS and Wii U Nintendo eShop in the Spring.

What did you think of the Video? Let us know if you’ll be adding SQUIDS Odyssey to your collection.

Source: Nintendo Life