Square Enix Collective Smash! Trailer

Square Enix Collective Smash! Trailer

Square Enix Collective has released a new trailer for Smash! by developer Bulletproof.

Smash! is an action-packed, demolition derby arcade game, set in thrill-sport-styled arenas of cheering crowds and car-crushing environmental hazards currently being developed for PC (Steam), Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. Players compete in challenging rounds of deathmatch for high score glory, against A.I. drivers and online players in multiplayer and solo game modes.

The goal of the game is to line up your opponents, then boost into them at terminal velocity for maximum damage and destruction. The more kills you earn, the higher your combo multiplier, resulting in better rankings and rewards. Team up with your friends to smash other drivers, score assists and receive bonuses for tag-teaming your opponents.

As you play, an Announcer randomly mixes up the gameplay each round with time-based crowd-pleasers. Unleashing deadly threats such as the military tank, rolling around the arena blasting cars, or laying down mini-challenges for you and your friends to earn bonus rewards.

Level-up and progress your career; unlock new cars, then customize them with paintjobs, accessories, weapons and power-ups via the collectible ‘Carnage Card’ system. This allows you to equip weapons like the giant sawblades, or call in killstreak rewards, such as the C130 flyover, dropping flaming car wrecks.


  • Destruction;
    • Responsive & rewarding velocity based vehicular destruction
    • Deadly arena’s of doom with car crushing, capturable hazards
    • Realtime damage deformation with explosive kills, frags & fx
  • Gameplay;
    • Competitive realtime deathmatch demolition derby rounds
    • Progress your career, unlock content & rule the leaderboards
    • Challenge friends & online players for top rank & rewards
  • Carnage Cards;
    • Customize your car with bonus buffing paint jobs & accessories
    • Weaponize your car with powerful upgrades & gadgets
    • Mobilize your car with mighty killstreaks & deathstreak perks

Here are the new screenshots:

And, take a look at the new video:

Smash! is slated for February 2016 release on Steam Early Access with a full release in August, 2016. Planned Platforms; PC (Steam), Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Source: Press Release