Square Enix Collective Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper Teaser Trailer

Square Enix Collective and developer Too Kind Studio have released a new teaser trailer for Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper, an episodic platform/action video game in 2D side scrolling, told in the manner of a fable in high color illustrated stages.

Square Enix Collective Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper Teaser Trailer

Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper is a platform/action game, narrative and episodic. Discovering the dreamlike world of Omnia, the player control Pankapu, a tiny being created by the God of dreams, Iketomi, in order to defeat the hordes of nightmares that try to infiltrate his world. During his  quest he will meet many characters, like the magic spider Chii that will guide him through the meander of Dream Land. He will therefore discovers the mystery behind this invasion and will lift the veil on this ancestral secrets.

Told in the manner of a fable read to a child, the game has two levels of reading: the story of Pankapu, epic and naïve, and the second one, about Jaha’rell life, the one to whom the tale is told, dark and tragic.


  • A double story developed in 8 stunning chapters:
    • Live the initiatory adventure of Pankapu by following the storyline.
    • Discover the secret of the tragic past of Jaha’rell, through memory fragments hidden in  optional areas.
  • A dynamic gameplay based on the change of capacities instantly.
  • Levels with multiple ways and evolving character
  • Fine and colorful graphics looking like animated illustrations


  • Genre: Platforms/Action, scrolling in 2D
  • Platforms
    • Phase 1 : episodes on PC (Download)
    • Phase 2 :full game on PC and consoles (Download)
  • Expected release: End of 2015
  • Operating Model: game in episode, separately purchase, (probably with a season pass)
  • Price: to be defined
  • Localisation : French, English

You can vote for Pankapu: The Dream Keeper here.

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Source: SquareEnixCollective