Square Enix Collective New Nightfall ‘Escape’ Video

Square Enix Collective and Zeenoh Games have released a new ‘Escape’ video for Nightfall.

Square Enix Collective New Nightfall 'Escape' Video

Nightfall is a first person survival horror game based in Philippine folklore, where you play as Ara Cruz, an aspiring female journalist who is tasked with investigating a mysterious haunted mansion. The story starts with Ara’s investigation of an abandoned mansion where people went missing in an obscure town in Northern Philippines. Players are required to solve the mystery behind the tragic incident by exploring the maze-like mansion while pitted against popular monsters based on Philippine folklore–one false move and the game is over. Investigate as Ara and search for clues to find out what really happened in the mansion and to the family who lived there.

Take a look at the new video with music score ‘Escape’ by Black Manika:

Nightfall is currently Greenlit on Steam. The targeted platforms are PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation and Xbox.

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Source: SquareEnixCollective