Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on Koruldia Heritage

On the Square Enix Collective feedback platform you help indie devs by letting them know if you’d support their games in the future.

This month on the Collective platform there is one more cool game to round out the 2017 series. Koruldia Heritage, a story-driven JRPG that takes inspiration from the metroidvania sub-genre.

Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on Koruldia Heritage

Koruldia Heritage by Korugen LTD

Genre: RPG

Lost on the moon of a remote planet, you have to reconnect with a forgotten culture and travel with your loyal Korumon, a creature made like you from biotechnologies that question humanity’s heritage.

Each path will be different. You will enjoy navigating through an in-depth story that reacts to the way you deal with confrontation.

Key Features:

  • A rich narrative experience: the story unfolds and adapts to your choices.
  • A variety of camera angles: from the classic top views of Final Fantasy VI (III in US, the game’s main influence) to fixed 3D perspectives like in Final Fantasy VII-VIII-IX.
  • A non-linear exploration: there is no particular order for the dungeons, they are scattered in Koruldia’s Open-World.
  • A merciful battle system: as you are free to choose between aggressiveness and compassion, confrontations are richer and more impactful.

Watch the Koruldia Heritage Trailer:

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