Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Indie Projects

Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Indie Projects

Four indie teams are currently awaiting your feedback on Square Enix Collective! Survive the zombie apocalypse in fast-paced top-down shooter Orbiz or take your time solving puzzles and collecting ingredients in Potions: A Curious Tale. Alternatively, loot dungeons and sell items in your own store with the gorgeous Moonlighter… or just have a jolly good time bouncing around in Goo Saga!

Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Indie Projects


By developer Digital Sun Games

Moonlighter is a rogue-lite game about Will, a shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero.

To make a living, he needs to venture into the dungeons near his town, defeat strange enemies and loot items he can sell at his shop. Managing the gold from those sales wisely is the only way he’ll get strong enough to open the last dungeon.

Moonlighter has infinite randomly generated dungeons, many cool and expensive items, lots of weapons, five tough bosses, tones of gold and dozens of weird enemies. You start with some cheap equipment. And a shop.

The game will be available on Steam (PC, MAC & Linux) first and then, hopefully, the developer is planning to offer it on the digital stores of PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE.

Here is the official Moonlighter pre-alpha teaser trailer:

You can vote for Moonlighter on Square Enix Collective right now.


Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Indie Projects

Goo Saga

By developer Toka Loka Games

Goo Saga is a high quality, story-driven, platform adventure game where the main character Goo (a cute elastic ball creature) created by a genius scientist in a secret underwater laboratory, sets out on a journey to find his creator and uncover his secrets.

The game is developed for mobile platforms (Android, iOS) but we are also working on an enhanced version for the PC (that we hope to get on Steam through the Green-light process).

What makes the game stand out from other platformers is Goo’s elastic properties and the fact that the player can change it’s elasticity to face different situations.

Here is the official Goo Saga trailer:

You can vote for Goo Saga on Square Enix Collective right now.


Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Indie Projects


By developer Anoman Studio

ORBIZ is an action game for PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) with spherical worlds for 1-4 players, surviving in a mysterious worlds filled with zombies. Explore a 3D hand-painted pixel art world with crafting, non-linear stories, and 80’s style.

The background story of ORBIZ is that it happened in The Era of the Cold War (1985 – 1991), at that time US Department of Defense created a secret project named Orbiz. The objective of this project is to open a portal between dimensions as a way to save US citizens if the nuclear missiles from Soviet Union is launched.

A Soviet secret agent named Irina managed to infiltrate into the lab and make efforts to sabotage Orbiz. The result is the opening of inter-dimensional portal and Prof. Kroll and Irina sucked into it.

When the incident took place, there were 4 teenager UFO hunters in a location that people believed to be the place a UFO sighting. Whereas that place is actually a secret laboratory of the Orbiz.

Being curious of the inter-dimensional portal makes Ash and her friends sucked into it. Can they go back to their home after thrown into a dimension inhibited by zombies?

Here is the official Orbiz trailer:

You can vote for Orbiz on Square Enix Collective right now.


 Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Indie ProjectsPotions: A Curious Tale

By developer Stumbling Cat

Potions: A Curious Tale is an adventure-crafting game where your wits and ingenuity are your greatest weapons and combat is not always the answer. Play as Luna, a young witch who overcomes obstacles with the potions she brews.

The full release will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam

Encounter fairy tale characters and stories from around the world in new settings and situations as you guide Luna on her quest to become a potions master.

Here is the official Potions: A Curious Tale trailer:

You can vote for Potions: A Curious Tale on Square Enix Collective right now.

About Square Enix Collective:

Square Enix Collective helps independent developers. Take a look through the projects published here, and let them know if you’d back a game through crowdfunding or not by voting. Even better, help to shape that game idea by leaving your feedback in the comments section. Each game’s campaign ends after 28 days, and if the response is strong, they may lend their support as well when it lands on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

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