Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Games (Sep. 22)

Square Enix Collective Needs Your Votes on 4 New Games (Sep. 22)

Don’t forget to vote on the brilliant selection of games this month on Collective: tame, raise and train beasts in Legend of Lumina, guide an adorable pixel dragon in A Dragon Named Coal, form your perfect squad in Spellstrike and become the most powerful empire in VEmpire!


Legend of Lumina

By developer Apex Frontier


Legend of Lumina is a monster raising RPG with farming, town building and multiplayer. You take on the role as a Hero conceived by the Mushroom of Light and fulfill your destiny by restoring your village, Lumina to it’s former glory.

Lumina Farm is all you have at the beginning and it is a place for you to farm and raise your beloved monsters. There are more than 50 types of plants to grow throughout the year and more than 500 monsters to tame and collect in the world. There are also crafting, fishing, logging, mining and many more features in the game.

Watch the Legend of Lumina Pre-Alpha Teaser:

You can  vote for Legend of Lumina on Collective right now.


A Dragon Named Coal

By developer Clever Crow Games

Not all fairytales end happily. A Dragon Named Coal is a dark fantasy epic combining Castlevania: Symphony of the Night inspired gameplay and the branching story mechanics of Dragon Age: Origins. The game is primarily being created by a husband and wife founded game studio Clever Crow Games. Currently, we’re actively developing for Mac, Windows and Linux. The game will be DRM-Free with a primary focus on Steam.

Watch A Dragon Named Coal official teaser:

You can  vote for A Dragon Named Coal on Collective right now.



By developer Sudden Interactive

Spellstrike is a strategy and collectible card game with  action-packed combat. It has a unique gameplay where you control a squad of three fighters, battling other squads for land, glory, and survival.

Choose a side and build your own adventure as you put together your dream squad of collectible characters while you customize their skills. Test out your squad composition by battling other players online in different map scenarios.

Here is the Spellstrike teaser trailer:

You can vote for Spellstrike right now on Square Enix Collective.



By developer VEmpire Entertainment

VEmpire is a turn-based card game about building an empire that is stronger than your opponent’s!
As soon as one player has 50 points in his empire, he is going to win. The opponent has three turns to catch up. The player can choose to play against the AI, invite a friend for a casual game, or play a match against a selected opponent.

Play-Test it NOW (1200×900 should work best!)

Here is the VEmpire teaser trailer:

You can vote for VEmpire right now on Square Enix Collective.

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