Square Enix Collective Announces Tokyo Dark Now On Kickstarter

Square Enix Collective and developer Cherrymochi have announced that Tokyo Dark is now on Kickstarter.

Square Enix Collective Announces Tokyo Dark Now On Kickstarter

Tokyo Dark is a side-scrolling adventure that builds its story on a popular Japanese urban myth. Deep under the streets of Tokyo is a hidden door, and nobody who enters it has ever returned… can you help Detective Ito find her partner in this branching story?

Tokyo Dark is an anime style horror adventure game that combines gameplay elements from western point and click games with Japanese visual novels. It is being developed for PC and Mac.

Detective Itō`s partner has gone missing, what starts as a straight forward missing persons case soon spirals into a twisted nightmare when Itō is forced to confront her past and question her own sanity. Is there really a lost door deep below Tokyo? Is it just an urban legend? Are the living shadows she can see in the dark real, or signs that she needs help? Should she regret her past or stand by her decisions? These choices are yours to make.

Square Enix Collective Announces Tokyo Dark Now On Kickstarter

Tokyo Dark explores both the locations and people of Tokyo. The story confronts some of the true human horrors of Tokyo; suicide, child idols, institutionalised sexism and increasing nationalism. Against this very real background is a twisting and supernatural horror that makes detective Itō question her own sanity and the boundary between life and death.

Tokyo Dark blends together a number of different game genres, most notably point and click adventure games and visual novels. Follow clues, solve puzzles, make difficult decisions and discover that your actions have serious consequences.

Player decisions increase or decrease a range of social stats that affect Itō’s interactions with others and open up or cut off entire branches of the plot, Leading to multiple endings. Every choice the player makes changes detective Itō.

In addition to adventure game and visual novel mechanics, Tokyo Dark also features elements from survival horror games. Throughout the game the player needs to keep track of Itō’s mental state and take care to stay sane.

Although having visual similarities to an action sidescroller and the player being equipped with a gun from the start, firing your weapon is a very serious choice. Tokyo Dark may be one of the only games where firing your gun can  lead to a disciplinary hearing, counselling  and trauma therapy.

Here is the official Tokyo Dark trailer:

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Source: Square Enix Collective