Square Enix Collective Announces that PANKAPU is Now on Kickstarter

Square Enix Collective Announces that PANKAPU is Now on Kickstarter

Having previously taken Square Enix Collective by storm with a 92% approval rating, the story of Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper has now arrived on Kickstarter! The tale of this 2.5D action platformer, rendered in lush colours against heartwarming background audio, won’t be told without your help though!

Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper is an episodic platform/action video game in a 2D side scrolling, told in the manner of a fable in high color illustrated stages. The first chapter is planned for the first quarter of 2016.


  • A double story developed in 8 stunning chapters:
    • Live the initiatory adventure of Pankapu by following the storyline.
    • Discover the secret of the tragic past of Jaha’rell, through memory fragments hidden in  optional areas.
  • A dynamic gameplay based on the change of capacities instantly.
  • Levels with multiple ways and evolving character
  • Fine and colorful graphics looking like animated illustrations

Here is the teaser trailer:

Square Enix Collective is supporting the Too Kind Studio team by helping to spread the word about the Pankapu Kickstarter Campaign. They have checked out the team and believe that Pankapu has what it takes to complete this project, so it’s up to you to help make it a reality. So go check it out!

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