Splinter Cell Blacklist – New Homeland DLC

Just when you thought that your mission was over, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist has received a new ‘Homeland’ DLC, courtesy of Ubisoft.

The Homeland Pack will introduce new missions, gear and weapons. The pack is available now on PS3, Xbox 360, PC (Uplay and Steam) and Wii U (only available as a direct download through the console) for $6.99.

Splinter Cell Blacklist - Homeland DLC

Included in the DLC are:

New Missions

  • Billionaire’s Yacht – Infiltrate a billionaire’s yacht in the Coral Sea (Grim mission, co-op or solo)
  • Dead Coast – Eliminate a terrorist cell in the Middle East (Kobin mission, co-op or solo)

Weapons, Gear and More

  • Crossbow with sleeping gas bolts
  • Upper Echelon Suit
  • 4E Eclipse Suit
  • Whisper Boots
  • MBS Boots
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Gold, Amber and White goggles
  • New skins for Spies vs. Mercs

Splinter Cell Blacklist - Homeland DLC

In case you missed it, check out the game’s review scores and launch trailer.

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