SPLASHER Review for PlayStation 4

SPLASHER Review for PlayStation 4

Get ready to have some fun! Developer Splashteam’s newly released game Splasher is an excellent 2D platformer that’s both extremely enjoyable and challenging. From the great level design to the aesthetically pleasing environments, almost every aspect of Splasher is worthy of praise.

Splasher begins with a short narrative, in which players are introduced to the Inkorp factory and its employees, the Splashers. To drive the plot, one of the Splashers unexpectedly catches Le Doctuer, the doctor who runs Inkorp, experimenting on and killing his fellow workers. The doctor sees the Splasher spying on his experiments and begins to chase after him before he can inform and rescue the other Splashers.

After the events of the story, the Splasher who knows the sinister truth about Inkorp is revealed to be the protagonist. Players are immediately thrust into his shoes, and must navigate through what constitutes the first level in the game.

The first level starts off by slowly easing players into the mechanics of the game. It reveals how fast-paced the game is, and lets players get used to the specific controls. The backgrounds and music contained here also take center stage and do nothing but add to the game itself, and this theme continued throughout the entirety of Splasher.

After players wend their ways through the level, they are given free roam in Inkorp Hall itself. Within Inkorp Hall are doors to each individual level (which enables players to repeat any if they so desire) and also gives them access to speed run trials.

SPLASHER Review for PlayStation

As seen in from the introductory level, the main objective of each level is to complete it, but the game also places seven Splashers in the level that can be rescued (a feature that will occur in all following levels as well). Additionally, players can collect gold throughout the levels. Accumulating wealth is important, because only by amassing 700 gold can players free the final Splasher at the end of each level.

Most important for a game that defines itself as a platformer, the obstacles themselves are highly fun and hard to master. Just when players feel secure with one aspects, others get constantly added. For example, water streams, lasers, razor blades, bouncing walls, and acid are only a few of the elements that Splashteam incorporated into Splasher’s gameplay.

The gameplay is also kept fresh in Splasher over the 22 levels through the fact that players acquire unique abilities as they progress. For instance, players are given the ability to squirt water at the enemies and obstacles, which helps them make headway in the levels. Players later on are also given an ability that allows them to walk on certain walls, which further enhances the movements they can take in-game.

SPLASHER Review for PlayStation 4

Moreover, challenges in the form of enemies accompany those in the form of puzzle-platforming. The types of enemies are actually very diversified: there are hulking beasts that charge the protagonist, bots that come flying at the protagonist, and more. Players are given opportunities to just attempt to bypass the enemies when completing the levels, but can also face them head on in the game’s quarantine zones. The quarantine zones are placed within the levels themselves, and require players to defeat a certain number of enemies in order to free a Splasher.

Splashteam’s first foray into the gaming industry is a very well thought out and executed 2D platformer. Almost every facet of Splasher’s core gameplay exceeds expectations, and as such it truly worth playing.

Rating: 9.5/10

Here is the Splasher Console Trailer:

Splasher is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac on Steam.