Spellweaver Trading Card Game Launches “Gold for the People” Program

Spellweaver Trading Card Game Launches "Gold for the People" Program

Free in-game currency boost being offered for a limited time to players

November 20, 2015 Dream Reactor, developers of the online fantasy-themed Trading Card Game Spellweaver is pleased to announce the “Gold for the People” program, their way of welcoming new players  to Spellweaver. In this free promotion, players who sign up for Spellweaver from today until December 31, 2015 will automatically receive a huge boost of free in-game gold — enough to buy two starter decks, or eight booster packs! It’s a perfect way to test out a variety of decks and cards.

Spellweaver is a fast-paced fantasy-themed online digital trading card game (TCG), created by a self-funded indie team of seasoned game developers with a passion for card games. The game focuses on strategic depth and variety, while still being easy to learn. It is a game true to the classics of the genre, while adding in unique features to make the game quick to learn, yet challenging for veteran fans of TCGs.

Spellweaver Trading Card Game Launches "Gold for the People" Program


  • Quick to learn, great for newcomers to the TCG genre
  • Deep mechanics and fast-paced battles at the same time offer depth to hardcore fans
  • Two-tier resource system requires players focus on mana *and* creature levels
  • Unique creature attribute: Speed. Slower units are unable to block faster units, requiring a balanced deck to have alternative ways to handle high speed opponents.
  • Customizable hero skills gained over the course of the battle for more strategic flexibility
  • Interactive combat system in which you can counterattack to defend or protect key units
  • Multiplayer duels, tournaments, and online leaderboards
  • Rich fantasy lore and cards from six magical aspects, each with its own play style

Don’t let time run out – grab your gold by signing up for Spellweaver now.

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