Spellweaver to Release Feb. 1, New Dev Video

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Dream Reactor, developer of the online fantasy-themed trading card game Spellweaver, has announced the game’s release date of February 1st as well as a new dev video.

Spellweaver Features

  • Variety
    • 18 Different heroes – Like in Hearthstone, we have hero cards to be used as the cornerstone of your deck – 18 of them! Each hero, as expected, comes with a unique skill to complement your deck’s strategy. A hero is “attached” to a certain card color, but you can mix other colors in your deck too – more on that below.
    • Additional hero skills – Shrine cards can add to your hero’s abilities, creating powerful synergies at the cost of a card draw. This further focus on heroes lets you really craft your own ‘unique’ hero during a match which will play an important role in how your strategy plays out.
    • 6 Freely mixable colors – In Hearthstone you have heroes and each hero has its mini-deck to pull cards from. We admit this creates a tight balance, but hate how it limits our options. In Spellweaver we have both a Hero with a hero skill and the ability to mix different colors in your deck. There’s pros and cons to mixing colors, as you can imagine, but the number of combinations it provides is nearly infinite.
  • Unique combat mechanics
    • Creature speed attribute – In Spellweaver a creature can attack or block an enemy creature only if it can match its speed. Speed can be a value from 1 to 4. Faster creatures are more versatile, and allow you to easily dictate combat, however they have generally weaker stats. Would you rather win the battles with speed and tactical advantage, or do you prefer smashing face with slow but formidable monsters? Spellweaver can offer you both.
  • Support line mechanics – Spellweaver features two lines for each side in which creatures can reside. The front line allows you melee attacks and is basically where most combat will take place. The support line is safe from attackers, but also doesn’t allow you to attack from there without a special ability. Want to protect a key creature from attacks or retreat an endangered unit? Move it to the support line and create unexpected tactical problems for your opponent! This, of course, means that your deck should be versatile enough to handle support line threats as well.
  • Generous world map quests – Don’t like pay to win? Nobody does. Card games suffer from it more than any other genre (short, perhaps, of certain mobile games that we don’t even consider games). Every day there are new quests to undertake that will earn you gold, cards, or tournament tickets. While purchasing packs is the fastest way to acquire the card you’re looking for, it’s entirely optional and very possible to build the deck you most desire without paying a dime and having fun while you do it!

Here is the new Spellweaver dev video:

Spellweaver will release for PC February 1, 2016 and you can join the Beta right now. You can also take a look at this forum thread.

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